The Best Portable Vaporizers On The Market Today

By the end of this page you may look at portable vaporizers and the reviews available online  completely different, from this site to the next and from product to product.

One of the most asked questions about portable vapes or any kind of vape really is “what is the best vaporizer”. Well, let’s talk about which portable vape is “the best”.

To be honest with you it really just depends on the preferences of the individual. As well as several other factors such as, when would you most use your vape, how often you would use it, are you wanting one for home use or for on-the-go, whether or not you want a vape for dried herbs, oils or concentrates.

So as you can see there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before making that final decision.

With all that being said I’m sure that it is obvious to you that I can not tell you which portable vaporizer is the best but I can recommend a few of my personal favorites.

My Two Favorite Portable Vapes

Two of my favorite portable vaporizers are the Pax and the MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box). And these two particular vapes are completely different in style, design, functionality, and price.

The Magic Flight Launch Box

Let’s start off by going over the MFLB. It is made of wood, it has a pretty basic and simple design, but don’t let that turn you away from this piece because even though it isn’t made to look like really sleek technology it does the job, and it does it well.

The Launch Box is priced at $120 and it is very simple to use. It heats up quickly in only 5 seconds, it’s small enough to fit discretely in the palm of your hand and it doesn’t take a lot to go a long way as long as you grind your herb up very finely.

The only complaint I really have with this vape is that it seems to be a little overpriced for the materials it is constructed with but it is worth the money once you vape with it.

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The Pax Portable Vaporizer

My other favorite portable vape is the Pax by Ploom. Now this vape is a little more expensive than the MFLB at $250 but you get what you pay for right?

The Pax is very sleek looking, it looks more like a newer piece of technology such as the New iPhone 5c or some type of MP3 player and it comes in several different colors.

It even comes with a charging dock just like ones you can get for your iPhone’s. It is also very light weight and just as easy to use as the MFLB.

But one of the best qualities with the Pax is that it comes with a 10 year warranty so you can feel extra comfortable when you spend the extra money on your investment.

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If Discrete Vaping Is Your Goal It's Time For The Pax Portable Vaporizer1

Other Great Portable Vaping Options

There are also a lot of other really good vapes out there. My personal favorite is the Volcano vaporizer, only it isn’t portable but you can check out all of these vapes and a lot more here.

And while you are in the market for portable vapes make sure you check out the Firefly vape as well the other great portables we offer. Just because these two particular portables are my favorite does not mean they will be your favorite so make sure you check out our other reviews.